GEO-LOGICAL is an interdisciplinary consultancy that performs logical analysis of geological data, applies earth sciences in related disciplines as archaeology, ecology and cultural history, and is publishing in national and international media.
GEO-LOGICAL is a research and consultancy company within the triangle of cultural history, landscape and the earth sciences. Profound knowledge and a broad experience in these disciplines qualify our team to perform the following ‘state of the art’ activities, GEO-LOGICAL  

  • Delivers desk top research in geology, cultural history as well as archaeology
  • Coordinates and supervises geological archaeological and landscape field research
  • Gives advice in the field of commercial archaeology
  • Screens archaeological reports for (governmental) authorities
  • Makes geological maps for measures, for state water boards, archaeological institutions or other public authorities
  • Develops databases for geological and geoarchaeological research, including 3-D subsurface modeling
  • Analyses earth scientific values in cultural landscapes
  • Offers courses and training sessions in diverse earth scientific subjects

At GEO-LOGICAL assignments can be clearly separated in scientific methods and applied research. We are continuously enforcing these two directions as well as the interaction between them in order to guarantee an excellence in earth scientific expertise in archaeology and cultural history.